Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Siege

My First Game using a proper 2D game engine-----> The Siege

Here's the download link :

Developed by Game Mechanics
Members : 1. Ishkaran Singh
                 2. Shanker Sharma
Here are some snapshots from the actual Gameplay :

Meleeing an Enenmy down and backup coming from behind.

Near the end of first level.................see the pile of dead bodies

Second Level....what the hell are those creatures.....!!

Here's some technical details :

1.Used Visual C++ 2005
2.Game Engine : Haaf's Game Engine
3. irrKlang Sound library
4.Implemented State Design pattern for the architecture of the game.
5.Tilemaaping for placing different objects in the levels.
6.AI implemented through Finite State machine
7.Approximately more than 15000 lines of Code

Note : 1366*768 resolution has been hard coded into it,if your monitors native resolution is not 1366*768, then please run the windowed version.
JUMP is through "b".

Hope you the enjoy the game and don't forget to give feedback

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